Fire Hose

Strategically placed fire hoses and standpipe systems provide an important layer of protection against fire emergencies for commercial and industrial businesses, and multi-family housing facilities. 

New England Fire Patrol is the region’s premiere source of fire protection services and solutions, including the sale and installation of fire hoses. Our fire hose offerings are extensive, sourced from top-class manufacturers, and include:

  • Hard suction hoses
  • Soft-sleeve fire hoses
  • Double-jacket fire hoses
  • Fire hose accessories

Don’t know what you need for your business or facility? Trust New England Fire Patrol to deliver guidance and advice of an experienced fire safety expert. We are fully up to date with all NFPA and OSHA requirements, as well as local and state building codes.

We also provide fire hose maintenance and replacement services. According to NFPA guidelines, fire hoses should be inspected and pressure-tested by an experienced fire safety authority on an annual basis and replaced every 3-5 years. Plus, of course, all fire hoses need to be inspected after every fire event in which the hose was discharged.